Who we are

We had a dream: to bring some of our beautiful and beloved land to Geneva. We did it, and it’s not all.

We have crossed other boundaries, those of traditional cuisine and those of our knowledge, to discover new flavors and to discover again, in a new way, the oldest ones.

We import many of our products directly from Campania, or from our home, and this is the idea that we want to convey to our customers: a place where you can feel at home and where you can taste the best dishes of the Italian tradition.

Our menu offers a wide selection of great dishes: from homemade pasta, the flagship of Italian cuisine, to pizza, which is our specialty; from high quality meat, to the most delicious fish dishes. Like pasta, many of our cheeses and salamis are also homemade, and this not only makes us proud, but also unique.

But good food is not the only thing that sets us apart: we put all our efforts into offering a professional and complete service.

We look forward to seeing you in Geneva, our adopted home, to serve you a bit of our love for the kitchen and for our land. And if you really can’t come and visit us, we’ll do our best to make you taste the best of our menu at your home.